What are Visual Novels?
Visual novels are interactive fiction pieces characterized by literary text-based experiences, typically limiting the interaction to choices that branch the storyline. The standard presentation consists of narration and dialogue shown by text boxes, accompanied and illustrated by character portraits over a background image. As it is a genre originating from Japan from adventure and dating sim games, it is common for visual novels to feature anime-style art and romanceable characters. This is, however, not at all mandatory, and there are all kinds of visual novels telling all kinds of stories, featuring additional gameplay systems or voiced lines - so you're sure to find a visual novel just for you.

What do the icons mean?
 The VN has explicit 18+ content.
 The VN has an English language version.
 This is a non-free commercial VN.
 There is some gameplay component to the VN.
 There is a Windows PC version.
 There is a handheld console (PSP/Vita/DS/3DS) version.
 There is a mobile (Android/iPhone) version.

How are the star ratings determined?
The star ratings reflect the average score a VN has gotten on VNDB. As average scores on VNDB are almost entirely between 5-9, so our star rating reflects that, with 1 star = 5/10, 2 stars = 6/10 and so on.

What does "Otome" mean?
The word "otome" means "maiden" in Japanese, and is used to refer to VNs with a female protagonist who romantically pursue male characters.

I spotted a mistake!
If you notice any incorrect information please get in touch via our contact form, or else contact BunnyAdvocate on Twitter or Discord (Sunleaf_Willow /(^ n ^=)\#1616).

How was the newbie appeal calculated?
Everyone has their own definition of what makes a VN newbie friendly, trying to settle on any one definition is impossible. So instead we crowd-sourced the question by asking the VN community to vote in a sorter quiz (see here). The quiz involves users voting on a random pair of VNs and picking which is more newbie friendly in their opinion. We collected nearly 20k votes from the community, and through that, we were able to combine the knowledge of the whole VN community to generate a fairly robust newbie ranking.

How were the related VNs chosen?
We analysed the publicly available voting data on VNDB to find which VNs had unusually high overlaps in their fandoms, and which VNs users tended to read afterwards. A more detailed analysis of VN fan behaviour using similar techniques can be found here.

Planned improvements
  • Search option for VNs.
  • Integrating the newbie sorter quiz on this site.
  • Have screenshots link to full size versions.
  • Kinetic/choices option added to quiz.
  • More screenshots.
  • More VNs!
  • Include a cheating/adultery content warning.
  • Adopt a bunny. 🐰
29 June 2018
  • Disliked VNs no longer appear in search results.
  • Added spoiler warning to content warnings.
27 June 2018
  • Improved home page.
  • Content warnings added.
26 June 2018
  • Site launched!
Who made this?
Created by the Fuwanovel community using data from VNDB.