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06 February 2021 - Moving forward

As of now things is getting ported to fuwanovel.net aswell. it will ofcourse remain here aswell. but good to see the tool on the official site.

14 December 2018 - Winter VN Poll Results

The results for our winter VN poll are now up along with our personal suggestions for good VNs to read this snowy season! Thank you to everyone who voted or offered suggestions for our list.

We hope you all have a festive holiday season~

Latest Reviews
I hate it.
I have finished the game for 2 days and it feels so sad that I even cried because it ended with sadness but I was quite happy because even though it ended with sadness but they MC and Heroine can unite and together until the last moment and also the younger brother of the heroine can give up their death and continue to live for the sake of the heroine and MC. it was my first experience of happiness while reading a visual novel. the story in the novel is not too complicated and easy to understand. in my opinion if you want to read this visual novel you must have courage.
It's one of my most favourite Visual Novel.
The music and audio quality is amazing.
Very relaxing gameplay.
Amazing art.
Good story.
I first played and liked Visual Novel because of this one.
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